We were lovers, says Turkish singer’s murderer, victim’s family denies claims

We were lovers, says Turkish singer’s murderer, victim’s family denies claims

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
We were lovers, says Turkish singer’s murderer, victim’s family denies claims The murderer of well-known Turkish singer and songwriter Değer Deniz who was found raped and brutally murdered at her house in Istanbul’s Taksim neighborhood late May 5, changed his initial testimony, instead claiming Deniz and he were lovers and he had killed the victim out of jealousy. Deniz’s family, on the other hand, has denied this claim. 

The hearings into the killing of Deniz started at Istanbul’s 1st Juvenile Court of Serious Crimes on Nov. 4, as Deniz’s murderer, identified by his initials C.M., was only 17-years-old at the time he committed the crime. 

C.M. said at his court testimony on Nov. 4 that he and Deniz had met while he was employed as a dog walker and they had started a relationship afterwards. In court, he testified he entered Deniz’s flat through a window, talked to her and murdered her as she allegedly “insulted his manhood pride” and he was jealous of her. He also denied raping her. 

Though he defended himself at court with this testimony, he initially said he had entered Deniz’s house to commit burglary, in his police testimony taken when detained by police on May 8. The only things that were missing in Deniz’s house were a cell phone worth around 300 Turkish Liras and a clarinet worth around 50 liras. 

C.M. said he had told police about the burglary as he did not want the mother of his 10-month-old baby, a woman to whom he was not civilly married to, to hear about what he did. 

Father denies lover claim

Avni Deniz, Değer Deniz’s father, denied the murderer’s romantic ties with his daughter. He added that Değer was a 39-year-old woman who was a university graduate and very well-informed. 

“I believe my daughter was tortured and brutally killed,” her father said. 

Değer’s attorney said the murderer had changed his initial court testimony at the advice of some people in order to get a reduction in his final sentence. The attorney said men usually used this method to get a reduction in their sentence in cases concerning women homicides. 

In court, Değer’s younger brother, Orhan Deniz, who found Değer’s body at her house after she had not responded to his calls and had not opened the door, said his sister’s death was not because of burglary or bad luck, but was the rape and murder of a woman. 

Even though the murderer denied raping Değer, a forensics report put forth that Deniz had been raped. Sperm belonging to C.M. was found on Değer’s underwear, according to the report.