Waterfall in Bursa invites nature lovers

Waterfall in Bursa invites nature lovers

Waterfall in Bursa invites nature lovers

The Suuçtu Waterfall is made up of the Karadere River which emerges from the Çataldağ and Kavalıyayla rivers. AA photo

Largely unknown to the outside world, Bursa’s district of Mustafakemalpaşa boasts unspoiled natural beauty in the form of waterfalls and lakes that local authorities hope will soon attract more tourists.

“Suuçtu Waterfall, which is a hidden paradise and offers a different beauty in every season, is not known well enough. We want this place to be promoted to the world and host tourists from all around the world,” Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan recently told Anadolu Agency.

Kurtulan said the waterfall, which is in a beech-tree forest, was one of the most beautiful spots in Turkey, adding that the area was a haven for nature aficionados, nature sports lovers and photographers, particularly during the fall.

The waterfall, which is created by an earthquake, is made up of the Karadere River which emerges from the Çataldağ and Kavalıyayla rivers and the merging of the side tributaries of these rivers.

The rivers also meet the water needs of Mustafakemalpaşa and the 15 villages within the district. The river, which is about 30 meters – stretching to 50 meters in winter with flooding – offers people the natural beauty of beech, oak and larch forests, some 17 kilometers away from the center of the district.

Oxygen depot among beech trees

Mustafakemalpaşa district is 84 kilometers away from the provincial center of Bursa, while the waterfall is close to the area’s Muradiyesarnıç village. It was formed with the collapse of a fault line and also features a small lake that appears in winter.

Suuçtu is a popular resort area to visit during the weekends, especially for those from Istanbul and Balıkesir. The area is known as an oxygen depot among the beech trees. Besides being a natural air-conditioning unit, the Suuçtu Waterfall also has natural walking routes and a trout production center.