Venezuela’s iconic street named ‘Turkish Republic’

Venezuela’s iconic street named ‘Turkish Republic’

Venezuela’s iconic street named ‘Turkish Republic’

One of the streets in the center of the Venezuelan capital Caracas, which is considered a historical symbol of the country, has been named the “Turkish Republic Street.”

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Caracas Aydan Karamanoğlu, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yvan Gil and Mayor Carmen Melendez attended the opening ceremony featuring folk dance groups of the two cultures.

Gil shared the photos of the ceremony on a social media post with a note: “As part of the May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, the name of the symbolic street was changed as a gesture to the brotherhood that unites our people.”

Melendez noted this is a “new act of rapprochement” between the Turkish and Venezuelan people.

Noting that the friendship between the two countries is at an “excellent level” in the economic and cultural sphere, Melendez said that she hopes it would continue “permanently.”

Karamanoğlu stated that this step reflects the close relations between the two countries, adding that the cooperation between Türkiye and Venezuela will continue and that the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center will be opened in Caracas soon.
The ceremony was given wide coverage in the news of the Venezuelan press, emphasizing the strategic ties and fraternal bond between the two states.