Two killed in flooding in Turkey’s Black Sea region

Two killed in flooding in Turkey’s Black Sea region

Two killed in flooding in Turkey’s Black Sea region

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Two people were killed in flooding caused by heavy rain in the Black Sea province of Trabzon on Sept. 21 after rivers swollen by heavy rain spilled over their banks in the Beşikdüzü district.

Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli said it had rained four times as much as normal.

“It was impossible for the infrastructure to endure that much rain,” Canikli told journalists, adding that if necessary measures had not been taken, the results would have been worse. 

“Unfortunately, despite all the precautions, the flooding couldn’t be prevented. It’s becoming less, but couldn’t be prevented completely,” he also said. 

The bottom floors of plenty of houses and businesses were flooded and cars were left inundated on the streets. 

Canikli, who visited the Beşikdüzü district in order to conduct inspections, received information from officials in the area regarding the flooding.

Rescue teams were called to the district to save people who had become marooned, with residents complaining about the lack of infrastructure to prevent flooding. In addition, the people in the district asked the municipality to invest a total of 50 million Turkish Liras that had been earmarked for a project in the development of infrastructure instead.

Electricity was also cut in the district amid efforts by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality to clean up the streets. Teams deployed heavy machinery in the streets and attempted to open roads that were blocked by mud.

Water installations were also harmed because of the heavy rain, prompting the municipality to distribute water to residents.

Meanwhile, an owner of a bakery, Olgun Kara, said residents’ situation in the area was “miserable.” 

“We are in a miserable state. The front of my bakery collapsed due to rain and it poses a danger for people. We are waiting for urgent help,” he said.