Two injured in fight over bus seats in central Turkey

Two injured in fight over bus seats in central Turkey

Two injured in fight over bus seats in central Turkey Two people were injured in a fight between a group of Syrians and bus company employees, when the former wanted to travel as a group of seven even though they had bought only two tickets in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri on Aug. 31.

The Syrians bought two tickets to the Mediterranean province of Kahramanmaraş from Ramazan E., but then bus company employees noticed there were seven Syrians, including children and adults, sitting on the two seats. The passengers were warned to buy two more tickets, but they refused. 

Tension rose upon the warning and the group of Syrians went to the company’s office to return the tickets.

However, their request was refused due to the bus having already departed. An argument started between the employees and the Syrians, which later turned into a fight in which two employees were injured. 

“Two of our friends suffered injuries to their fingers, but their health conditions are fine. We’ve filed complaints for the material and nonmaterial damage that they’ve [the Syrians] caused,” Sedat Mirza Binboğa, a company official, told Anadolu Agency, adding that the Syrians arrived at the office with knives.

“Five children and two adults arrived at the bus and were warned to buy two more tickets. Then Syrians with knives came to the office after the departure of the bus, saying, ‘The state is giving us our money, so give it back,’ as they damaged computers, counters and phones,” he also said, noting the company faced similar incidents constantly.

The footage of the fight was recorded by a nearby security camera.