Turkish traditional music reduces stress: Study

Turkish traditional music reduces stress: Study

Mesude Erşan - ISTANBUL
Turkish traditional music reduces stress: Study A study by Istanbul University’s Medical Faculty has revealed that Turkish traditional music helps reduce stress originating from daily routine. 

In her study, Professor Nevin Dinççağ detected that Turkish traditional music reduced stress by a rate of 33 percent.

Dinççağ, who is also a member of the Bahçeşehir Music Club, has long been studying whether music’s relaxing effects could be proven scientifically. 

The academic’s study has now been accepted by colleagues in the United States and Europe.

Dinççağ used her friends in the choir of a music club as a subject group for her study. Her subject group ultimately consisted of 37 male and female soloists who had an average age in excess of 56. 

Participants’ saliva samples were gathered to determine the effect of music over cortisol, one of the most significant stress hormones. Saliva samples were gathered on two different days of the week from the participants – one of which was an ordinary day and the other was the day of the music club’s meeting. The samples were subsequently analyzed at the biochemistry laboratory of Istanbul University’s Medical Faculty.   
A psychological poll which was prepared by specialists was also conducted with participants.

Cortisol rates fell by 33 percent from the beginning of the music day until the end of the day, according to the results of the study. The study also revealed that cortisol levels increased by 21 percent on the subjects’ ordinary days.

Dinççağ said the results were in line with her expectations, adding that the research suggested music was an inexpensive and practical method of reducing stress.

“This is the result that I expected. But we did not know the stress-reducing level of music. Our study showed that,” she said.

Meanwhile, participants said they were happy to take part in the study.

“I have fun with music, and it relaxes me a lot. I also think the atmosphere here based on friendship, love and respect is a factor in reducing stress,” said one of the choir members, Vildan Çerçi, a doctor.

“I have a stressful job. We took part in an event which we liked and got rid of some stress with the chorus. I feel the effect of one day of the choir all through the week. I look forward to the day of the chorus,” said a bank employer, Mustafa Kansu.