Turkish singer arrested after beating up 67-year-old man

Turkish singer arrested after beating up 67-year-old man

Turkish singer arrested after beating up 67-year-old man

Halil Sezai, a 41-year-old Turkish singer, has been arrested after he was seen beating up a 67-year-old-man and hurling comments in a footage that has sensationalized social media has brought public outcry after its broadcast.

Sezai was arrested late on Sept. 17 over charges of "deliberately injuring with weapon" and "threatening with gun."

According to police sources, Sezai had turned a villa in the Tuzla district of Istanbul into a film studio to shoot Youtube videos, but the 67-year-old neighbor, Hüseyin Meriç, was deterring him to do so, causing some conflicts from time to time over the past five months.

After the latest quarrel on Sept. 16, Sezai raided the neighboring villa and beat Meriç. Police had detained the celebrity and freed him after his testimony, but an avalanche of reaction has poured after the footage of the incident was broadcast on media channels. Among the reactants, there were some other Turkish celebrities as well.

Famous singer Sıla, who had opened a lawsuit against her old partner for beating her in 2018, tweeted, “What a shame, Sezai.” 

“Ignoring a singer for beating a man of his father’s age is hypocrisy,” said Alişan, another well-known Turkish singer. 

Famous rocker Haluk Levent openly supported Meriç, saying, “We will be by your side.”

Singer and producer Sinan Akçıl has even challenged Sezai to a fight, saying, “Will you be able to confront me, drunkard?”

After massive reactions on social media, Sezai had apologized by saying that it is not something that he can defend, but he admits that he behaved inappropriately.

“It was something I should not have done, irrespective of the circumstances and I am deeply sorry and apologize to him [Meriç] and everybody else,” he said on Sept. 16.

It is alleged that Meriç, thinking that he was going to die, prayed the Islamic confession of faith and Sezai attacked even more aggressively, shouting, “Are you reciting the adhan?”

People whose religious sentiments were hurt, took to social media and criticized the famous singer with  comments like, “How could you hit a praying old man who thinks that he is taking his last breath?” and “You will pay for your sins.”