Turkish private arrested for making hoax ‘bomb call’

Turkish private arrested for making hoax ‘bomb call’

Turkish private arrested for making hoax ‘bomb call’ A 20-year-old basic private was arrested in the Aegean province of Manisa on Sept. 6 after making a hoax call to the 112 medical emergency number and telling them to “send many ambulances to the [provincial] security directorate” or otherwise, what is thought to be a bomb would “explode.” 

Initially six basic privates at the 6th Training Regiment Command located in Manisa’s Kırkağaç district were reported to be involved in the hoax call incident that occurred on Sept. 1.

Within the scope of the investigation run by the Manisa Public Prosecutor’s Office, the six were then detained by the anti-terror police teams. The private named H.M.C. confessed to the police that he had made the hoax call with the encouragement of his friends.

The six privates were then transferred to the courthouse for their testimonies at the prosecutor’s office. H.M.C. was arrested by the order of the court of peace on duty on Sept. 6 while the rest of the five privates were released.

“Send many ambulances to the provincial security directorate. Immediately take action, or otherwise it will explode,” H.M.C. was reported to have said on the hoax call made from his mobile phone.