Turkish President Gül demands ‘wise’ use of police force

Turkish President Gül demands ‘wise’ use of police force

ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News
Turkish President Gül demands ‘wise’ use of police force

Police used pressurized water to disperse crowd at Istanbul’s İstiklal Avenue during protests against the renovation project for the Emek Theater. Hürriyet photo

Acknowledging that the appropriate use of force by the police is a requirement of professionalism, President Abdullah Gül has also underlined that the police must take pains to ensure the “proportionate” use of this force.

“When the use of force in societal events is considered, its wise and appropriate use is a requirement of professionalism,” Gül said yesterday.

“Illegal organizations always consider societal events and resistance against the police as a tool for self-training. Therefore, using force in a way that will not allow for the falling into such traps is a requirement of professionalism too,” he added.

Gül used his participation in a ceremony held on the occasion of the 168th anniversary of the foundation of the Police Department as an opportunity to deliver his delicate messages concerning the disproportionate use of force following the recent skirmishes on various occasions of police-civilian confrontation across Turkey.

His statement came days after recent turbulent events in Silivri, Dicle University and Emek Sineması, in which police actions again came under the spotlight.

Thousands clashed with police outside the court in Silivri outside an Ergenekon coup plot hearing on April 9.

Police also used pressurized water against demonstrators protesting against the demolition of the historic Emek Theater in Istanbul. Another event took place at Dicle University, where the police intervened in a clash between two groups of students by dropping tear gas from helicopters.