Turkish president condemns Charlie Hebdo attack, urges 'firm stance against intolerance'

Turkish president condemns Charlie Hebdo attack, urges 'firm stance against intolerance'

Turkish president condemns Charlie Hebdo attack, urges firm stance against intolerance

People take part in a rally to show solidarity for the victims of the attack on the offices of France's satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, in Rio de Janeiro, Jan. 7. AFP Photo

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has added his voice to the chorus of reactions after the massacre perpetrated against French satiric weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo that killed 12 people on Jan 7, condemning what he described as a "heinous terrorist attack."

“We extend our condolences to our friend and ally France and expect the perpetrators to be brought to justice as soon as possible," said Erdoğan in a statement published on Jan. 7.

"Turkey has fought and will continue to fight against all forms of terrorism with determination. We express our heart-felt condolences for the innocent people killed today and wish a quick recovery for the injured. We also wish patience and steadfastness to the relatives of the deceased and the injured and to the people of France," the statement also read.

While many Turkish government officials have also stressed the need to fight against Islamophobia, Erdoğan used a more encompassing vocabulary, urging a firm stance against "intolerance to differences."

"On this occasion, we would like to stress that terrorism has no religion or nationality and no excuse can be given for it. It is of crucial importance that we have a common stance against terrorist attacks such as the one in Paris today. We have to take a firm stance against hate speech, intolerance to differences and attempts to present religious and cultural differences as ground for enmity," the statement said.

The attack has prompted thousands to flock to the streets in France on Jan. 7, expressing their indignation through the slogan "Je suis Charlie" ("I am Charlie").