Turkish opposition parties vow to work together to ensure election safety

Turkish opposition parties vow to work together to ensure election safety

Turkish opposition parties vow to work together to ensure election safety

Representatives of opposition parties, part of the People’s Alliance, have vowed to work together to ensure safety in the upcoming June 24 early elections, after a controversial legislative package on poll safety passed in parliament.

“As the representatives of the four parties within the People’s Alliance we have gathered to ensure that the peoples’ will is reflected on the elections accurately,” main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy leader Onursal Adıgüzel said in a joint press conference on May 21.

“You can be sure that on June 24 we will make sure election safety is protected,” İYİ (Good) Party deputy leader Buğra Kavuncu said.

In the press conference, representatives from the CHP, İYİ Party, Felicity Party (SP) and Democrat Party (DP) vowed to act together to ensure poll safety in the upcoming elections.

The opposition parties have raised concerns after parliament approved a legislative package on March 13 stipulating changes in electoral regulations. The parties are worried that the 26-article law has allowed the relocation of ballot boxes for security reasons and constituencies will be able to be “merged” by authorities. The law also authorizes private security guards, security forces officers and municipal officials to enter polling stations and allows citizens to file complaints against ballot box officials and voting procedures.

Stating that the law has raised question marks over the elections, Adıgüzel said the four parties will “act in unison to overcome the problems.”

“We have united our works. Our members have also gathered. But most importantly, there is solidarity all across Anatolia,” he said.

He stated that the parties will also “follow” developments concerning the “transfer of ballot boxes and constituencies.”

Kavuncu stressed that the four parties will be in “full alliance” in the designation and education of the members of balloting committees and observers at polling stations in the country, thanking the parties and non-governmental organizations for their help.

He said the Lawyers’ Association launched a campaign called “one lawyer for each school,” which aims to allocate lawyers to every ballot box official to provide legal support.

“We have all the necessary technologic infrastructures for the examination and confirmation of poll results. We will be open to all kind of communications and we will make our objections within the legal period,” Kavuncu said.

“We call on all our citizens to vote in full confidence without any doubts,” Kavuncu said.

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