Turkish Olympian sees opportunity in postponement

Turkish Olympian sees opportunity in postponement

Turkish Olympian sees opportunity in postponement

Turkish hammer thrower Özkan Baltacı believes that the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will create a great opportunity for athletes who want to improve themselves.

“Many sports events were postponed. The most important of these is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I worked hard for the games like many professional athletes,” Baltacı said, adding that this postponement would bring both advantages and disadvantages.

He told Anadolu Agency that he sees this as an advantage for himself, noting that the additional year is a great opportunity for him to even prepare better for the games.

But he said quarantine and isolation periods will make it very difficult for athletes to maintain their fitness, adding there will be athletes who will be adversely affected, especially psychologically.

“But speaking personally, since I am an optimistic person, when I am in such a process, I make sure that I remain healthy, and work hard sticking to the training program,” he said.

Baltacı said that as an athlete he had to continue his training program at his home due to the measures against the spread of the virus.

“Foreseeing the current situation, I had previously prepared my training materials,” he said.

Baltacı noted that his low-volume training at home is very different from the one he does in the fields and arenas.

“The main purpose of the training we do at home is to prevent our body from losing its fitness below a certain level and to keep it ready to start training after this virus is over.

“I have been living in Ankara for so many years, away from my family. Due to the outbreak, I returned to Izmir, which is my hometown. Nowadays, I love both being with my family and doing activities at home such as reading books, following the news, and watching movies.”

The 25-year-old hammer thrower clinched his spot in the Tokyo Games two years ago when he scored 77.5 meters in a 2019 local competition, clearing the Olympic threshold.