Turkish minister warns EU over post-Brexit UK role

Turkish minister warns EU over post-Brexit UK role

LONDON – Anadolu Agency
Turkish minister warns EU over post-Brexit UK role

The EU will be worse off for lacking the strategic role of the U.K. following Brexit, Turkey’s EU Minister Ömer Çelik stated on May 12.

Çelik made the remarks in the British city of Reading at a panel focusing on post-Brexit Turkey-U.K. and EU-U.K. relations with Alan Duncan, Britain’s minister for Europe and the Americas, at the 7th Tatlı Dil Forum, a mechanism to improve cooperation between Turkey and the U.K.

Çelik said the EU will be devoid of British partnership in strategy following Brexit, but Turkey and the U.K., as two big democracies of Europe, will continue cooperation after Brexit, according to officials from the ministry.

Çelik reportedly underlined that it will not be possible for the EU to adapt to the changing international system without Turkey and the U.K.

He added that the U.K.’s departure from the union would affect bilateral ties due to Turkey’s Customs Union with the bloc and other regulations under EU law, while an independent free trade agreement is expected between Turkey and the U.K. in the post-Brexit era.

Officials from both countries are currently holding technical meetings to improve Brexit’s political, economic, commercial and legal outcome, the minister also stated.

Çelik attended a dinner on the evening of May 11 at the end of the first day of the 7th Tatlı Dil Forum with Duke of York Prince Andrew and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

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