Turkish man kills estranged wife on Children's Day

Turkish man kills estranged wife on Children's Day

Turkish man kills estranged wife on Childrens Day

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A Turkish woman was allegedly murdered by her estranged husband today after the pair’s daughter in April 23 Children’s Day celebrations. 
Ayşe İnce, 34, had a restraining order issued by a court against her husband two months ago. Her husband, Mehmet İnce, had been detained last week for threatening to kill his wife but was later released by a prosecutor. 
Mehmet İnce showed up at his daughters' school in Istanbul's Küçükçekmece district despite the restraining order against him. Witnesses said Ayşe İnce started to argue with her husband, who had his pictures taken with his eight-year-old daughter, asking him why he came there. The argument continued after the celebrations at the school and carried on in the street in front of the school. 
As the quarrel continued, Mehmet İnce produced a knife and allegedly stabbed his wife, who fell to the ground with an injury to her leg. 

Rıza Kaya, the owner of a stationary store on the street, witnessed the attack and ran and covered Ayşe İnce with his body in an effort to protect her from further harm. Mehmet İnce, however, pulled Kaya aside and allegedly slit Ayşe İnce's throat. The victim's sister, who also tried to stop Mehmet İnce, received cuts to her hands while trying to stop him.  
Mehmet İnce dropped the knife and tried to flee the scene but was quickly caught by locals who handed him over to police.
Ayşe İnce was taken to a hospital but could not be saved. 
Ayşe and Mehmet İnce had been living separately for the last four months due to problems with their marriage. Mehmet İnce was taken to the homicide department for questioning.

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