Turkish hair on sale for $1,300 per kilo

Turkish hair on sale for $1,300 per kilo

Turkish hair on sale for $1,300 per kilo

The increasing interest in hair accessories such as wigs, snaps and extensions in recent years has also raised the demand for Turkish hair, which stands out for being thick and of exceptional quality.

Noting that it is not easy to reach Turkish hair as it used to be in the past, wigmakers say that the price for a kilo of Turkish hair has gone up to 10,000 Turkish Liras ($1,300).

Wigmakers and hairdressers say that Turkish hair does not wear out quickly as hair strands are quite thick and soft in texture, which provides a fuller appearance, and that is why Turkish hair wigs stay in high demand.

Özgür Demir, a wigmaker who has been working in the Mediterranean province of Antalya for 20 years, said that they generally contact people who want to sell their hair by reaching them through hairdressers.

Demir said that their customer profile mainly included those people who do not want to dye their hair and use wigs as accessories or for other medical reasons, such as during chemotherapy.

It takes 40 centimeters of hair to get nearly 200-250 grams of hair extensions, and natural, dye-free and henna-free hair is mostly preferred.

The process to make one wig takes approximately five hours and is available for sale at 2,500 liras ($375).

The price of crochet wigs, which require more labor, starts from 5,000 liras ($750).