Turkish family’s twins in Arizona taken away due to ‘malnutrition’

Turkish family’s twins in Arizona taken away due to ‘malnutrition’

Turkish family’s twins in Arizona taken away due to ‘malnutrition’

The Department of Children Services (DCS) in the U.S. has taken away the six-year-old twin children of the Kahraman family living in Mesa, Arizona, claiming the children suffered from “malnutrition” due to organic diet.

The parents, however, suggested that since their birth the twins have had chemical and food allergies and have kept the children away from genetically-modified foods, such as wheat.

“Because of their food sensitivities, we have put them on such diet which helped them grow healthily,” the twins’ parents said.

But problems reemerged when the children started to go to school.

“They fell ill because of the materials at school, such as markers and board erasers. We had to take them to hospital,” the parents said.

Following medical examinations at the hospital the family returned home.

But shortly after, the parents had to take the children to the emergency service at the Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

“Following the examinations, the doctor at the hospital said the children were suffering from malnutrition and the doctor made a complaint to the DCS,” the parents said.

The DCS consequently took the children’s custody from the family.

“When we took the boys to the emergency service they had not eaten anything; they were hungry. That is why they had low blood values and the DCS took the twins away,” the parents said.

The parents launched a protest with people who supported them in front of the hospital, demanding their children back.

“We have been allowed to see our children since last Friday [Dec. 28] we could not even call them. Kenan [one of the twins] has been discharged from the hospital and put him to a house. I do not know where he is or whether he is with his brother,” Ahmet Kahraman, the father, said.

“In the hospital room, Kenan told me that he had some different food. The nurse entered the room and told me that I could not discuss with him about what he ate. I kind of scolded her. The nurse called the social services. Police arrived and asked us to leave the hospital. When I rejected, they threatened to handcuff and arrest me,” Kahraman said.

The court hearing regarding the case is to take place on Jan. 7.

Can Oğuz, the Turkish consul-general in Los Angeles, said the consulate is aware of the situation and are in contact with the family.

“We hope the problem will be resolved immediately. The consulate is following the case closely,” he added.

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