Turkish factory comes to China's aid in COVID-19 fight

Turkish factory comes to China's aid in COVID-19 fight

Turkish factory comes to Chinas aid in COVID-19 fight

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A local factory in Turkey has halted normal production to make antibacterial suits in a bid to provide help to China in its fight against the coronavirus.

The factory in the northern province of Amasya started mass-producing antibacterial suits for sale earlier on February after China issued a call for help in meeting the rising demand in the country.

The factory, which normally makes women’s clothing, increased production capacity and hired more workers as it received a staggering amount of orders from China.

"Since the switch, we have received orders for more than a million units. We are producing around 5,000 a day right now and they are sent to China on cargo planes,” the factory owner told state-run Anadolu Agency.

The protective antibacterial suits, which are completely airtight and disposable, are essential for the medical personnel treating COVID-19 patients.