Turkish Embassy condemns PKK attacks in France

Turkish Embassy condemns PKK attacks in France

Turkish Embassy condemns PKK attacks in France

Turkish Embassy in Paris on March 16 condemned recent arson attacks on three vehicles and a cafe belonging to Turkish citizens in the French capital and Marseille. 

In a written statement, the embassy said: “The protests and actions of the PKK/YPG terrorist organization in France, which have recently turned into countrywide violence, have taken a new dimension with arson attacks on vehicles and businesses of our citizens living in Marseille and Paris.” 

The statement said vehicles of two Turkish citizens were set on fire on March 5 and March 10, and a cafe belonging to a citizen was attacked similarly on the night of March 11. 

Also, two vehicles belonging to the president of a Turkish association that operates under the French law in the fields of women's rights, arts, culture and education also came under arson attacks on Sunday, the statement added. 

“We condemn these acts of terrorism, in which members of the terrorist organization are publicly involved and blatantly sharing some of their video images.” 

The statement also said 352 Turkish-French friendship foundations on March 2 had signed a request to French authorities to take security measures against the illegal activities of the PKK, to identify the PKK members committing crimes and bring them to justice. 

“These latest attacks have once again revealed the importance, correctness and enthusiasm of the historical call of our associations,” it said. 

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