Turkish Deputy PM Arınç praises minorities

Turkish Deputy PM Arınç praises minorities

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Turkish Deputy PM Arınç praises minorities

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Turkey is indebted to its non-Muslim minorities for their cultural contributions and is determined to protect their heritage, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said yesterday at the opening of a European Union funded program for museums.

“Be they Syriacs, Caldeans, Christians or Jews, we are indebted for the great monuments they have given this country. It is our duty to ensure that their civilizations live on,” Arınç said, speaking at the opening of the EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Museums Project (ICD-MUSE) for multilateral training of museum professionals.

Arınç emphasized that Turkey’s goal was full European Union membership, saying “this intercultural dialogue must be brought to the highest level until Turkey becomes a full member.”
“There are thousands of people in our country from various ethnic groups. Together, we are Turkey” he said. “If one [ethnic group] was missing, it would feel like a part of us was missing. We draw our strength from them.”

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