Turkish deputy PM admits having son with Russian spouse

Turkish deputy PM admits having son with Russian spouse

Turkish deputy PM admits having son with Russian spouse

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Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş has declared in a press statement that he recently had a newborn son with his Russian spouse, criticizing recent media reports on the issue that implied that he had had an illegitimate child.

Türkeş said he separated from his previous wife 14 years ago and that divorce proceedings were continuing.

The former deputy leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), who later joined the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), said he named his son after Alparslan Türkeş, his late father and an iconic figure for the nationalists in Turkey who founded the MHP. 

“I have an open and legitimate family life with the woman mentioned in a media report, which was an example of slander. We undertook religious and customary moral duties [when we committed to each other],” Türkeş said in statement on March 1, in a reference to media reports.

The reports did not reflect the truth and aimed at misleading the public, he said. 

“My former marriage ended 14 years ago, and the divorce process has been continuing for 14 years, during which I have been paying temporary alimony to my ex-wife. However, the legal process has not been finalized due to reasons stemming from the other party,” he said. 

Türkeş said nothing was hidden and all his neighbors, family members and close circle were aware of his relationship and that he personally took his spouse to hospital for the birth of his son, who is now one-a-half-months old.

Türkeş was the sole MHP member to accept an interim government seat offer by the AKP after the June 7, 2015, general elections that failed to produce a regular government. He then became a deputy prime minister. 

Following a row with his party on the issue, Türkeş moved to the AKP ahead of the Nov. 1, 2015, repeat elections and continued his post after the AKP founded a majority government.