Turkish Armed Forces’ ‘space road map’ ready

Turkish Armed Forces’ ‘space road map’ ready

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish Armed Forces’ ‘space road map’ ready

A Reconnaissance Satellite Command is operating the GÖKTÜRK-2 satellite, put into orbit on Dec 18, 2012. AA Photo

The Turkish army has prepared a “space road map” as part of a new project in which a Space Group Command will be established under the direction of the Turkish Air Force.

The road map is based on the concept of using the space for peaceful and defense aims. The road map’s targets are to establish a reconnaissance and surveillance unit which will receive visual intelligence without being affected by obstacles caused by geography or climate – enabling secure communication – provide an early-warning system which will predetermine ballistic missile threats and provide sufficient time to take defense measures against the threat and finally to provide electronic support for the analysis of the electronic war order of the operation area.

The road map also aims to develop the skills to put satellites into orbit.

All the operations will be conducted under the command of a new unit, the Space Group Command. The command will also operate the satellites that will be among the Turkish military’s inventory.

The military’s target is to make an air-space force structure as part of the Turkish Air Force in order to keep up with the latest developments in the defense sector. A new satellite command will also be established that will work under the Space Group Command whenever a satellite is put into orbit.

As such, a Reconnaissance Satellite Command will first be established. This command is already operating the GÖKTÜRK-2 satellite, which was put into orbit on Dec. 18, 2012.

This satellite will be fully operational by the end of the next month and will serve the Turkish Armed Forces.

Visual data to be received next month

The Reconnaissance Satellite Command will be able to receive visual data anywhere in the world after next month thanks to the GÖKTÜRK-2 satellite. Other satellite commands which will be established as part of the new satellite projects will be subsumed under the Space Group Command in addition to the Reconnaissance Satellite Command.

These additional commands will be activated whenever new satellites are added to the army’s inventory. The Space Group Command is expected to complete its organizational structure by 2023.

Meanwhile, the first international Air and Space Forces Conference (ICAP’13) will take place in Istanbul between March 27 and 29. ICAP’13 will welcome participants interested in military aviation and space studies.