Turkish aid group TADD donates solar kits to Uganda

Turkish aid group TADD donates solar kits to Uganda

Turkish aid group TADD donates solar kits to Uganda

The Association of Friends of All Africa (TADD), a Turkish aid organization, has donated an assortment of humanitarian items to the people of Kamuli District in eastern Uganda.   

The donations include solar kits, which will go a long way in providing lighting to homes. 

Electricity coverage in rural Uganda is still very poor, with one in five Ugandans living in remote and rural communities having access to the national grid. Around 88% of people in Uganda live in rural areas. 

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Dr. Kassim Idd Balonde, the director of Social Humanitarian Aid Delivery Uganda (SHADU), an organization affiliated with TADD in Uganda, thanked the Turkish people for helping thousands of Ugandans improve their quality of life. 

"Today, together with our Turkish brothers, we have managed to give the most vulnerable people solar kits. This will go a long way in solving the challenge to provide lighting in homes. We have also given out goats for rearing to various families to uplift their economic status, regardless of their religious beliefs, and have as well given reusable AFRIpads to young girls to address their menstrual hygiene," said Balonde. 

“As SHADU, we ensure that the services we render reach the most deserving people. We want to represent the Turkish people in the best way we can." 

TADD was founded by Dr. Bilgehan Güntekin to help Africans in every aspect of life, saying that the whole world owes a debt to Africa.