Turkey’s first upside-down house attracts 30,000 since January

Turkey’s first upside-down house attracts 30,000 since January

ANTALYA – Anadolu Agency
Turkey’s first upside-down house attracts 30,000 since January

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An upside-down house opened as a tourist attraction spot in the southern province of Antalya has offered prospects for Turkey’s major resort town after it was hit hard by a poor tourism season, by drawing 30,000 visitors in 10 months. 

Built in two years, the 85 square-meter house is Turkey’s first upside-down house with its entire interior and exterior designed to face downwards. 

The chief executive of the innovative business, Kaan Karahan, said the house was the first in Turkey and the 13th in the world.

“The 25-degree angle of the house leaves our visitors dizzy at first. When the visitors turn the pictures they take inside the house 180 degrees, they see themselves hung upside-down from the ceiling while the furniture looks like it is on the ground,” said Karahan, adding that the project had benefited action photography and was widely popular among bridal couples. 

The project was launched with the idea that “there is everything in Antalya, but not an upside-down house.”   
Karahan also said they were initially concerned due to the economic problems the city was facing, but added that they were not affected by the negative condition of tourism because the house is a “unique project.” 

Karahan said they had welcomed more visitors than expected, adding that he was more hopeful for the 2017 season both for his venture and for Antalya. 

The chief executive said 60,000 people were expected to visit the upside-down house next year. 

Karahan also said they were planning to build Turkey’s second upside-down house in İzmir.