Turkey to 'bind up wounds' following fire in Artvin

Turkey to 'bind up wounds' following fire in Artvin

Turkey to bind up wounds following fire in Artvin

Turkey will rebuild 60 houses burned in a fire in northeastern Artvin province, the environment and urbanization minister said on March 18. 

"We will build new ones together with their stables instead of 60 houses that burned on the instructions of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and bind up the wounds," Murat Kurum said on Twitter as he conveyed get well wishes to residents who lost homes.

Kurum said as of Thursday, damage assessment work had begun, and Turkey's Housing and Development Administration would build the houses.

"We will provide additional support of 1 million Turkish Liras ($133,296) to our Artvin Governorship to cover the losses of our citizens," he said.

According to the local governorate, the fire erupted in a village in Artvin province, damaging at least 60 houses and killing 20 livestock.

The Artvin Governor's Office said the fire occurred in the Dereici village in Yusufeli district.

Deputy Interior Minister Ismail Çataklı said the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency sent 1 million Turkish Liras in emergency aid to the area.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, Çataklı said.