Turkey spends 254 million liras on makeup

Turkey spends 254 million liras on makeup

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Turkey spends 254 million liras on makeup

Turkish citizens spent 70 million liras on facial cleaners in 2011, figures say.

Turkish consumers spent 170 million liras on makeup goods, in addition to an addition 84 million liras in makeup removers per year, according to daily Hürriyet. Last year, 8.2 million facial cleansing products were sold in the Turkish market.

Products such as Loreal’s Garnier, Henkel’s Daidermine, P&G’s Olay, Nivea, Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena and Clean & Clear are among the most popular items. Three-in-one products, which contain cleansers, peelings and masks, are the preferred cleansers.

Foreign labels account for 80 percent of the market, according to Hürriyet.

Meanwhile, personal hygiene products, such as hair products, shampoo, hair gel, deodorants, shower gel, toothpaste and skin care products witnessed a 14 percent growth in 2011 from 2010, reaching 1.6 million Turkish Liras, according to a study conducted by Nielsen. Facial cleansers comprise 5.2 percent of the personal hygiene market.

On a gender basis, women prefer facial products that make their skin look soft and flawless, whereas men prefer products that make them look refreshed and energetic. Of the facial cleansers geared towards men, Nivea Innova and For Man take the top spots, according to Hürriyet.

Although Turkish consumers are spending more and more on personal hygiene products, they still trail behind their European and American counterparts.