Turkey musicians give online concerts due to virus outbreak

Turkey musicians give online concerts due to virus outbreak

Turkey musicians give online concerts due to virus outbreak

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After cancellation of public events such as concerts in the context of precautions against coronavirus in Turkey, the country's musicians start to give online concerts, attracting hundreds and thousands of viewers.

Due to the cancellation of events, people get bored at home and they also need a boost of morale, thus he decided to do the online concert, rock star Haluk Levent told Anadolu Agency.

Levent said he wanted to bring the concert to people's homes. "People were very happy about this concert, we received very good feedback. We also did some charity campaign while doing the concert."

Music is important for people, he said, adding, "We have to obey the rules and precautions that our Health Ministry takes. We don't go to crowded places, and concerts are canceled. Thus, we will do concerts online until further notice. The songs will not stop, we might do another concert next week. We will continue to be together with the people we love."

The singer said he wishes nothing more than the new coronavirus being stopped before it becomes an epidemic in Turkey, and he wishes for a cure that the entire world can benefit from.

Levent is famous for the charity campaigns that he does for the poor and less fortunate through social media platforms.

Another Turkish musician to give an online concert was renowned pianist Gülsin Onay.

More than 800,000 people watched Onay’s online concert on March 15 night on social media in less than 24 hours.

Within the scope of preventive measures against the new coronavirus, worldwide known pianist Onay’s concerts abroad were canceled.

Having performed her first online concert, Onay told Anadolu Agency her decision of giving online concert; “When I woke up yesterday morning, musical pieces which I was planning to perform at the canceled concert, came to my mind then asked myself how it could be to share my performance with my audiences on social media.”

Onay said that after having decided to give an online concert, she asked her followers on social media what they would like to listen to in the event and added, “I was prepared to the live broadcast with great enthusiasm.”

Worldwide known pianist she said, “Everyone who watched yesterday's concert, was incredibly happy. I received messages from all around the world.”

"In these difficult days, with the healing and unifying power of art, let's all find the power to stay strong," she added.