Turkey hopes Russia won’t veto UN bid on Syrian gas attack

Turkey hopes Russia won’t veto UN bid on Syrian gas attack

Turkey hopes Russia won’t veto UN bid on Syrian gas attack

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Turkey has expressed hopes that Russia will not use its right to veto on a potential resolution at the United Nations Security Council following a deadly gas attack, allegedly conducted by the Syrian army, around Idlib that killed around 100 civilians. 

“I hope the Russians won’t veto decisions taken by the U.N. Security Council,” Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesman Numan Kurtulmuş told a TV channel in the Black Sea province of Ordu late on April 4. He added that he hoped the Security Council would take effective action this time.      
Following France’s action, the U.N. Security Council decided to meet for an extraordinary session on April 5 to discuss the chemical gas attack that occurred in the northern city of Idlib that killed more than 100 civilians, including dozens of children. Russia, one of five permanent members of the Security Council, has previously blocked numerous resolutions against the Syrian government.  

Kurtulmuş called the attack a “grave crime against humanity,” because it targeted civilians, including children, women, the elderly and the wounded at a medical clinic.        

Foreign Ministry issues condemnation

In a written statement late April 4, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Turkey condemned the attack perpetrated by the Syria. 

“The imagery and information received from Khan Sheikhun points to the continuous use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, in clear violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions 2118 and 2209. We expect the international community to react to these attacks while we anticipate relevant international organizations, in particular the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, to immediately investigate these attacks, which have been repeated time and again,” it read. 

The statement invited all the relevant parties who have influence on the Syrian government to fulfill their responsibilities in order to immediately stop such attacks which exclusively target civilians and constitute grave violations of the cease-fire regime.