'Turkey has a semi-presidential system'

'Turkey has a semi-presidential system'

Turkey has a semi-presidential system

Deputy PM Bozdağ says the presidential sytem is the best for Turkey. DHA photo

Turkey switched to a de-facto semi-presidential system when the amendment to elect the president by public vote was approved in a referendum on Oct. 21, 2007, according to Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ.

“The semi-presidential system is often described as a system in which the president is elected by popular vote,” Bozdağ told reporters yesterday after a meeting with provincial muftis in Sapanca, in northwestern Anatolia. “In fact, Turkey has had a semi-presidential system since the 2007 referendum. This is a constitutional fact.”

In reference to the ongoing efforts to prepare a new constitution, Bozdağ said everyone in Turkey should debate the issue and decide on a system.

“A presidential system, semi-presidential system or parliamentary system: This is the first thing we should agree on when preparing a new charter,” Bozdağ said. “Which system will the constitution be based on? But some people abstain from discussing the issue; they are afraid of what will happen if the public sees that the presidential system is a better one and wants to switch to that.”

The right system for Turkey is a presidential system, Bozdağ said, adding that it would be much easier to overcome problems under a president.

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