Trainer beats up 16-year-old female wrestler

Trainer beats up 16-year-old female wrestler

YALOVA - Anatolia News Agency
Trainer beats up 16-year-old female wrestler

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A wrestling trainer stormed onto a mat and beat up his female athlete’s rival wrestler, a 16-year-old girl, reports claimed.

The scandal erupted during the Turkish Female Wrestler Championship that took place Dec. 23 and 24. The event hosted wrestlers from all around Turkey.

Tension rose on the mat when a disagreement over one of the wrestler's moves evolved into the violent fight.

Engin Bakay, trainer for the one of the wrestlers and the national wrestling team, ran onto the mat and attacked the rival wrestler. Bakay's blows heavily wounded the wrestler before others managed to break up the fight.

Elif Filipova, the victimized wrestler, was taken to the hospital immediately. Bakay was taken into custody and was released later that night when Filipova withdrew the charges.

The head of Turkey's Wrestling Federation said Bakay would immediately be directed to the discipline committee.