Tourism project to promote Turkey’s biggest lake

Tourism project to promote Turkey’s biggest lake

VAN – Demirören News Agency
Tourism project to promote Turkey’s biggest lake

A new project has been launched by a group of businesspeople in the eastern province of Van to promote the three secluded bays of Turkey’s biggest lake.

“Our aim is to start tourism here in Lake Van. We want to welcome especially the elderly and youngsters,” said Necdet Takva, the head of Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VANTSO), said during a media trip to Ağin, Altınsaç and Deveboynu bays of the lake.

“We make a call to the world from the endemic bays of the lake. We have enough space here for everybody,” he said, comparing the area to the Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

“One cannot swim comfortably in other resorts of Turkey in July and August due to high sea temperatures. The lake is different,” Takva said, noting that while the water temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius in the west in the pea of the summer season, the water temperature in Lake Van is 10-12 degrees.

As a businessman, he also made a call to all sector representatives active in the region.

“We should work with tourism agencies and the accommodation sector should present reasonable prices to the visitors,” Takva said.

“We want every global citizen to see this beauty and enjoy the healing waters of the lake,” he added. “Don’t die before swimming in Lake Van.”