Timsah peninsula to become tourism center

Timsah peninsula to become tourism center

ORDU – Anadolu Agency
Timsah peninsula to become tourism center

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Timsah peninsula in the northern province of Ordu’s Perşembe district, which is now registered as a “slow city,” will turn into a holiday center for locals and tourists. 

The peninsula is named Timsah (“alligator”) since it looks like an alligator. The sandy field that is located where the peninsula unites with the land serves as a beach, which is registered in the European Union Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage Inventory.

Mostly known by the locals of the region, the peninsula is expected to host more tourists when it becomes a picnic area. 

Perşembe Mayor Kemal Bahtiyar said the district offers a “visual feast” thanks to its historical and touristic fields. 

He said the municipality has accelerated work to promote the region, and added, “As the weather gets warmer, Perşembe becomes an area where green and blue unites. Visitors are shown around on motorcycles throughout the coast and they see the beauty of the district because the coves are not seen from the road but from the sea side.”

Bahtiyar noted that Perşembe gained the title of “citta slow” or “slow city” in 2012 and its cultural and natural beauties were registered. 

Stating that visitors had many places there to see, Bahtiyar continued: 

“We have lots of places to visit in Perşembe. Yason Cape, Çaka and White Sand beaches, Kordon Hill, windmills and waterfalls are among them. When we show these places to tourists, they don’t want to leave. So we invite everyone to see Perşembe’s beauties.”

Becoming a tourism haven 

The mayor said the Timsah Peninsula encapsulated two districts, and continued: 

“The half of the peninsula is in Perlembe and the other half is in Fatsa. I am sorry that nobody knows even the name of this island except the locals. Visitors from other cities know its value. We need to make its name heard; we have shortage of promotional activities. I hope that we will turn Perşembe into a tourism haven. This is place is already a tourism city.” 

Bahtiyat said they were also working on the environmental arrangement, and added, “We will make environmental arrangement on the beach of the Timsah peninsula. We will make talks with the Culture and Tourism Ministry to open the island to tourism. I think that a picnic area will be better for promotion. We are working to beautify the island and make it a place people frequently visit.”