Thieves throw security guard into pit in Turkey

Thieves throw security guard into pit in Turkey

Four people have thrown a security guard into a cesspit after they were caught while stealing iron from a construction site in the Aegean province of Uşak.

After battering security guard Volkan Karahan, 26, the thieves tied his hands and threw him down a two-meter deep hole on the night of Nov. 5, according to Doğan news agency.

While the four people who allegedly stole iron materials from the urban renovation site ran away, Karahan managed to reach his mobile phone and called police for help.

Karahan was rescued from the hole with the help of fire department staff and then brought to a hospital for treatment.

Despite suffering a number of broken bones, his health condition was reported as not serious.

The security forces are continuing their studies to identify and catch the four suspects, one of whom is reported to be woman.