The AKP submits first judiciary reform package to the parliament

The AKP submits first judiciary reform package to the parliament

The AKP submits first judiciary reform package to the parliament

The first Judicial Package, which will a priority of the Turkish Parliament in the new legislative year, was presented to the president of the parliament on Sept. 30.

“From now on, we will present different packages to the Presidency of the Parliament within the framework of the Judicial Strategy Document. Today, the first offer of 39 items is given,” ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Party Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Muş said on Sept. 30.

The Judicial Reform Strategy Document was unveiled on May 30 to improve the working of the nation’s judiciary.

The reform document will be presented in packages, as each package will focus on different legislation and regulations. It was prepared after long meetings and evaluations with non-governmental organizations, academics and the Union of Turkish Bar Associations.

“We believe that we are preparing an arrangement that will meet the needs of the society as much as possible,” the AKP official said.

 A delegation led by AKP group Deputy Chair Muş exchanged views with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Republican People’s Party (CHP) and opposition İYİ (Good) on the details of the package in the past few weeks.

“In our talks, the opposition parties do not have any serious criticism. The package is very positive,” he stated.

Muş said that the Court of Cassation would open for the crimes that became final in the courts of appeal and touched on the freedom of expression. The regulation aims to ensure the unity of case law, he added.

He recalled practices of prohibition, restriction on some internet web sites and restriction of access.

“We bring restriction not to the entire website but for the content. So the site may remain open, but only the elements of the crime or the subject of the complaint will be blocked,” Muş said.

In the crimes up to a certain year, the legislation will bring a “simple trial” that is”trial without trial” procedure to the Turkish legal system, the AKP official noted.

The package includes the quickening of penal lawsuits, expanding the context of reconciliation and introducing the accelerated procedure of trials.