Teenage boy dies after falling from 10th floor

Teenage boy dies after falling from 10th floor

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Teenage boy dies after falling from 10th floor

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Eren Demir, who wrote a novel at the age of 12 and was a young aspiring author, died after falling from the 10th floor of his family’s apartment.

Demir, who was a 9th grader at the Üsküdar American Academy High School and was a young aspiring author, lost his life July 16 at 11:30 p.m. after falling from the balcony of the 10th floor of an apartment located in Istanbul’s Ataköy district. Demir, who lost his life at the scene, was found with his broken cellphone next to him. Demir was reportedly talking with his friend on the phone before the accident. It is also claimed that the identity of the person who was talking to the young man at the time of accident is still being searched for.

Parents were not at home

It is reported that Demir’s parents, who are both psychiatrists, were not at home at the time of the incident. His father was Prof. Türkay Demir, who is the head of child and adolescent psychiatry department at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, while his mother Demet Demir is also a psychiatrist.

Game of Thrones fan

Eren Demir wrote a fantasy novel titled “Keskin Kılıç [Sharp Sword]” at the age of 12, as well as published an article titled “Anger, suspicion and sadness in children” published by the Psychiatry and Thought magazine. In an interview, Demir stated he liked to watch science fiction shows such as “Merlin,” “Supernatural,” and “Game of Thrones.” Demir also said he had started to write his second fantasy novel.

He listed his hobbies as listening to metal music, reading manga, watching anime and playing console games during the interview. Demir said he was inspired by his father and started to write. Having two psychiatrist parents had also had a positive effect on him, he added in the interview. He said he wanted to be a computer engineer.