Taxi fares in Istanbul up by 15 percent

Taxi fares in Istanbul up by 15 percent

Taxi fares in Istanbul up by 15 percent Taxi and shared taxi fares in Istanbul are hiked by more than 15 percent, in line with a new regulation by the local transportation authority on Sept. 7. 

While the opening fare was raised to 4 Turkish Liras ($1.17), the fare per kilometer rose to 2.5 liras ($0.73), according to a decision announced by Istanbul’s Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME). Therefore, the short-haul amount increased from 8.75 liras to 10 liras ($2.93). 

The fares for shared taxis were also raised.
According to the new UKOME regulation, the city’s taxi fares will be hiked every September in accordance with the inflation rate, minimum wage and fuel prices. 

Sector representatives have praised the recent raise in taxi fares, which was higher than the previous 5 percent hike.

Luxurious taxi services at airport

Meanwhile, luxurious taxi services will soon start to be offered at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, Turkey’s largest airport, for twice the fares of ordinary taxis. 

In the initial stage, a 60-vehicle fleet will go into effect, according to representatives from the Atatürk Airport Taxi Drivers Cooperative. 

These vehicles will have a capacity of a total of six passengers, they said on Sept. 7. 

Cooperative chief Fahrettin Can noted that their aim was to avert the rise in the use of unlicensed cab services at the airport. 

“We will offer the new service with large vehicles with a six passenger capacity. As these vehicles cost high to us to buy, we will offer our taxi services for a higher fare; nearly twice the ordinary taxi fares. With a recent 15 percent hike in taxi fares, the opening fee for ordinary taxis was hiked to 4 Turkish Liras and a short-haul fee to 10 liras. For the new luxurious service, these fares will be 8 liras and 20 liras, respectively,” he said, adding that new luxurious cabs would also offer services at five-star hotels and big malls.