Taner Ceylan presents ‘Landscape’ exhibition

Taner Ceylan presents ‘Landscape’ exhibition

Hatice Utkan Özden
Taner Ceylan presents ‘Landscape’ exhibition

As an artist, Taner Ceylan is renewing himself. That’s why he loves working with different artists, and that’s why he has brought to light a new way of depicting his interest in art history.

Ceylan’s “Olympus” exhibitions, in its second year, shows both his love and his passion for art. It is a great way to discover young artists. This year, Ceylan tries to open a new dimension for classical themes in art history.

“Landscape” for Ceylan is a way to describe a mood, a way of existing. Once again, he chose artists to depict landscapes as a theme and present this to viewers with detailed observation. The exhibition is taking place at the Zülfaris Institution, a historic venue with a sense of mystery and beauty in Istanbul. Each artwork depicts a certain scenery, showing the beauty of the pastoral landscape.

Artists including Ahu Akgün, Akın Güreş, Aysun Şentürk, Ayşe Tuğ, Ayşenur Şentürk, Can Ünlü, Elif Çatlıoğlu, Gurur Birsin, İsmail Yılmaz, Kadir Selçuk Yaşa, Özlem Yılmaz, Pelin Hazal Aktaş and Yağız Gülseven, are showcasing different artworks in different mediums, such as photography, sculpture, painting, installation and drawing at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be on display until June 11.