Syrian Turkmens form party in Turkey’s south

Syrian Turkmens form party in Turkey’s south

OSMANİYE – Doğan News Agency
Syrian Turkmens form party in Turkey’s south

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Turkmens, who have fled from Syria to Turkey due to the Syria’s ongoing war, have established a political party in Turkey’s southern province of Osmaniye. 

The Syria Turkmen Development Party was established in Osmaniye by a group of Syrian Turkmens, party leader Ömer İsa and party spokesman Hasan Musullu said during a press meeting at their party’s headquarters. 

“We have founded our party in Osmaniye … Our general council consists of 25 people and we have a total of five offices in Hatay, İskenderun, Gaziantep, Istanbul and Kilis,” said İsa, adding that even though there were 3.5 million Turkmens in Syria, they were not allowed to form a political party. 

İsa said they have thus founded a party in Turkey but would not enter the elections. 

“Only our Syrian-origin Turkmen citizens are members of our party,” İsa added. 

According to U.N. figures, Turkey hosts more than 1.8 million Syrian refugees, who have left their war-torn country in droves since the beginning of the unrest in March 2011.