Syrian refugees under dire conditions: CHP

Syrian refugees under dire conditions: CHP

Syrian refugees under dire conditions: CHP

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A report prepared by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has shown that the Syrian refugees taking shelter near the border are not living under ideal conditions.

The document was written after visits to Suruç, the Mürşitpınar border crossing and Yumurtalık by a CHP delegation headed by CHP deputy leaders Veli Ağbaba and Mehmet Bekaroğlu accompanied by several CHP deputies, mayors and party members.

The CHP report praised the works of Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) in the area, but also cited major problems. “AFAD is making a respected effort in the region. However, as the AFAD officials working in the area have stated, they lack the personnel. There is a lack of control in the area. The people who enter Turkey do not know what to do and wait there as they do not receive any guidance,” said the report, also released via the website of the CHP.

Cattle brought by Syrian families to the border crossing that have died on the other side of the border have caused serious health problems, said the report. The Syrians stay in poor conditions on the Turkish side of the border as they lack healthy living conditions, the report added. “They are offered a meal two times a day, which included soup and macaroni. The hygiene materials are also scarce. The children who have not had a shower for days suffer from bruises on their faces,” the report added.
Volunteer doctors are working in the area as the state has not assigned any doctor to work in the region, said the report, underlining the lack of health workers in the area.

Official refugee numbers ‘not accurate’

The report claimed that the official number of Syrian refugees who recently entered Turkey after the clashes in the border town of Kobane is not correct as many of the people had returned to their homes. Turkish officials said 150,000 Syrian Kurds entered country in the recent flow.

 “The Suruç co-mayor told us that 150,000 is an exaggerated number as they have not seen such crowds in Suruç. Officials from Kobane said around 60,000 Syrians who entered Turkey with the first panic returned to their homes later. However, the Turkish government and media failed to record these people, they told us. Our delegation could not see tens of thousands of people in the area. We could see only several hundreds of people in the area. The location of the 150,000 Syrians is missing,” said the report.

The CHP group also took 10 trucks of aid to the area.

Kobane local administrator Enver Muslim and PYD co-leader Asiye Abdullah also said the situation would not be that serious in the area if Turkey were not supporting ISIL militants.

“Muslim also stated that they have seen many times that ISIL militants were using arms and clothing which came from Turkey,” said the report, accusing the government of failing to secure the border crossings. The delegation also said they were told by some locals in Kobane that some Turkish officials were fighting among the ISIL militants.

The communication among locals in Suruç has stopped due to jammers which cancel the signals of mobile phones, said the report. All democratic activities such as protests and marches are banned in Suruç as the district has been blanketed by security forces.