Syrian people seek refuge in tent cities in Turkish towns

Syrian people seek refuge in tent cities in Turkish towns

HATAY - Anatolia News Agency
Syrian people seek refuge in tent cities in Turkish towns

Syrian children play in the park. AA photos

Many Syrian refugees are taking shelter in Turkey in temporary tent cities pitched by the Turkish Red Crescent, including some children unaccompanied by their parents.

Among these children are five siblings whose parents stayed behind in the Syrian town of İdlib. Yahha Harzum, 12, said he came to the tent city at Hac Accommodation Facilities with his four brothers, and their father and mother had sent them to Turkey to stay safe during the ongoing conflicts in their town.

Harzum said his father had been injured during the incidents and was being treated at a hospital in İdlib. “Our mother did not come with us so our father wouldn’t be left alone,” he said.

He said they had arrived in Turkey with relatives. “I am very happy in Turkey but I want my father and mother to come here as soon as possible. Here, Turkish officials treat us very well,” he said, adding they did not want to return to Syria. Turkish officials have given the refugee children toys.

Another Syrian refugee in a tent city is Mustafa Sabbuh, who stays in Hatay’s Altınözü town with his wife and five children. He is a stone sculpture artist.

Sabbuh, who took refuge in Turkey June 2011, said he made a living in Syria for 20 years as a sculptor, and one of his sculptures was even placed in Beirut. “I told the head official of Altınözü, Ali Arslantaş, about my work and he provided me the materials that I needed. I started working behind a gas station outside the tent city.”

He said that he created a sculpture portraying the democratic environment and freedom in Turkey. “In this sculpture I say that Christians and Muslims live peacefully in Turkey. My goal was to thank the people who received us with open arms.”