Symphonic orchestra wows villagers in western province

Symphonic orchestra wows villagers in western province

AYDIN – Anadolu Agency
Symphonic orchestra wows villagers in western province

The Turkish Brass Ensemble, a band formed by musicians from the western province of İzmir, have graced villagers in the Efeler district of the neighboring Aydın province with a concert they called “Symphony in the Village.”

The band, which consists of musicians from İzmir State Symphony Orchestra, İzmir State Opera and Ballet, İzmir State Classical Turkish Music Chorus, the state conservatories of Dokuz Eylül and Ege universities and folk musical performers, played on Sept. 8 as part of celebration ceremonies to mark the 98th anniversary of the liberation of İzmir from Greek occupation.

“Female villagers made great efforts amid our War of Independence. Years later, with this concert, I guess our villagers have united with this music,” said Efeler Mayor Fatih Atay.

Residents said they were fond of the symphonic music that they had heard for the first time.

“I liked the symphonic orchestra. I am happy that they came to our neigborhood,” said 51-year-old Türkay Yıldız.

Ayşe Berkel, 61, shared the same feelings with her friend.

“I have just listened to this orchestra. Things like this always happen in İzmir, but not in Aydın.”

The symphonic band played various songs from classical to folk, pop to old music.

A zeybek dance show was also performed during the concert. “We liked the Aydın zeybek part,” said Beykel.

The zeybek is a form of Turkish folk dance particular to western, central and southern Anatolia in Turkey.