Summit marks Bronze Anniversary

Summit marks Bronze Anniversary

Summit marks Bronze Anniversary Dr. Akkan Suver, president of the Marmara Group Foundation, responds to questions on the 15th Eurasian Economic Summit.

What are the values that make the summit different from others?

 The 15th Eurasian Economic Summit is the “Bronze Anniversary,” which is a Western saying. This year we will realize the Bronze Anniversary in cooperation with the İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO).
On April 11, after the inauguration of the summit, the topics of energy, economics, sustainable development, intercultural dialogue and women’s search for the future will be proposed for the agenda with parallel sessions by specialists from Eurasian countries. In İzmir, former and current presidents from Europe, Asia and Africa will get together under the title of “Three Continents and the Sea.”

What are the themes and topics that will be discussed?

After the inauguration, we will discuss in detail the world’s current situation in the session of “Economics, Ecology and Sustainable Development.” The current level of the world increasingly obliges states, corporations and individuals to achieve sustainable and lasting competitiveness through a search for “excellence.”

The management systems and improvement tools developed for the economy, for the main purpose of facilitating international competitiveness and trade, occupy a significant place on the corporate agenda that includes the creation of management systems and models and improvement tools and techniques to “make a difference,” “create value for stakeholders” and “achieve sustainable prolificacy/profitability.”

This session aims to discuss the importance and need to enable the interoperability of the “system” tools that occupy a significant place in the corporate search for excellence; [to discuss] difficulties that might occur during economic growth; [to propose] solutions for difficulties; and to share the experiences of best practices with well-respected statesmen’s opinions. Throughout the session, we will listen to the ideas of experienced … and internationally accepted statesmen.

During the session on energy, the topics of energy consumption, security and sustainability will be discussed in detail. Dimensions to be addressed [include] the Blue Stream Project, emerging energy norms outside the industry, technological innovations and their limits and the future of Green Energy (solar power, windmill power) and its impacts on the energy sector.

The Marmara Group Foundation has been carrying out work in the area of intercultural dialogue for 15 years. The foundation will continue this work on intercultural dialogue at the Eurasian Economic Summit. How will such dialogue at this summit be different in comparison to previous years?

This year we will discuss [intercultural peace] under the title of “Avenue of Multiculturalism.” Two representatives from the Vatican and the leader of the Mongolia Buddhist Association will participate in the session. In other words, senior clerics from the Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist faiths are getting together. We will propose motions on coexisting in terms of cultural diversity, collected laws, treaties and declarations for the agenda. Meanwhile, we will discuss the promotion of religious and cultural understanding, harmony and cooperation, the values of pluralism and democracy, the separation of religion and the state, respect for human rights, gender equality and the eradication of extremism in detail.

The notion of the session is that dialogue is the only way to achieve peace.

The Marmara Foundation puts emphasis on women employment and entrepreneurship. What are the topics of the Summit’s women session?

We will bring together woman presidents, ministers, members of parliament and managers during the session titled a Search for the Future. The main topic will be “Management, Women and the Future.”
The globalization process has emerged as a result of aims to make the whole world a single market and production center. As a consequence of this process, almost all countries in the world become a part of the global market and the production chain.

In this regard, a real global economy can be seen for the first time in history; but this is a global economy which women in various parts of world are left out because of several reasons!

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