Students plant cotton in school garden

Students plant cotton in school garden

Students plant cotton in school garden

Students planting domestic cotton on the agricultural land in the school garden in the southern province of Hatay, have earned 400,000 Turkish Liras ($21,452) after the harvest.

The Saadet Yusuf Mıstıkoğlu Vocational High School, which gives agricultural education, was opened three years ago on 60-decares of land. To practice what they learnt in theory, its students planted some 22 tons of domestic cotton in the school’s 45-decare garden, earning some 400,000 liras for the school’s circulation capital.

The school administration used the money to plant wheat and barley.

“We use the money for our students’ agricultural education,” Barış Körkü, the school manager told Demirören News Agency.

When asked how they will “convert” the wheat into new earnings, Körkü said, “We will send the wheat to vocational high schools that produce bread as soon as we have the harvest in June.”

Proudly speaking, Körkü highlighted besides wheat and barley, the students grow small quantities of fruits for practice.

“They plant avocado, dragon fruit and also blueberries,” he added.

Located at the Demirköprü neighborhood, the vocational high school hosts nearly 500 students.