Students pen thoughtful letters to health staff

Students pen thoughtful letters to health staff

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Students pen thoughtful letters to health staff

Health workers in Turkey were touched when they received letters from students praising their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic completed a year in Turkey, students sent letters to health workers at the Gazi University Hospital in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Ali Yiğit Sönmez, one of the students, wrote a letter titled "Our Heroes” hailing the efforts of health workers.

“You have dealt with the patients with your heart and soul, away from your family. We are with you. Never give up. You are in our hearts. One day the virus will end and you will be reunited with your families. I love you very much,” the letter said.

Yiğit Çetin, another student, apologized to the healthcare professionals on behalf of those who did not comply with the pandemic rules.

"I will always follow your example throughout my life because you continue to fight without giving up,” Çetin said.

Another student drew a picture depicting they will get through the pandemic together.

The students congratulated the health workers for Doctors’ Day celebrated every year on March 14.