Street crime threat for Paris tourism

Street crime threat for Paris tourism

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Street crime threat for Paris tourism

Recent incidents have tarnished the image of the most visited city, Paris, and great brand names like Chanel and Dior urge authorities to take action. AFP photo

The streets of Paris are getting a reputation of being unsafe for tourists and this is a threat to business for the great brand names of French fashion, a top body representing the luxury industry warned on May 24.

A leading association that counts Chanel and Dior as members urged the authorities to take action on the climate of insecurity which it said could keep cash-flush tourists away.

Image of Paris tarnished

Several recent incidents have tarnished the image of Paris, the world’s most visited city, including muggings and thefts targeting tourists and street violence.

“Paris is getting a reputation of total insecurity....Foreign tourism is a godsend for our city and this insecurity is a direct attack against employment,” said Elisabeth Ponsolle des Portes of the association, called Comite Colbert.

The committee, which promotes the French luxury industry at home and abroad, counts 75 of the country’s luxury brands as members.

“We have feedback from all the networks and clients of the luxury brands (of the Comite) on the fact that they perceive Paris as a city that is not at all safe,” she told journalists, adding the situation was “really serious.”

The French government has pledged to guarantee the security of foreign tourists, but Ponsolle des Portes said an “appropriate policy” had to be put in place.