Storm and rainfall hit western Turkey

Storm and rainfall hit western Turkey

Storm and rainfall hit western Turkey

The southwestern wind, which began on Dec. 22, continues to impact various cities in Turkey, especially Istanbul.

Due to the strong wind that turned into a storm from time-to-time, giant waves have lashed the coast of Üsküdar district, and sea transportation was hampered in the Bosphorus Strait and Marmara Sea.

Some intracity ferry lines were canceled due to the winds, ferry firm İDO said in a statement on Dec. 23.

Hundreds of seagulls, which could not fly due to strong wind, took refuge in the parking lot in Kazlıçeşme neighborhood of Zeytinburnu district.

A roof flying off due to the strong wind almost toppled over a father who was carrying his child in his lap in Beyoğlu district. 

It is also reported that a large tree fell on a parked vehicle in Kartal District.

Lighting poles were overturned in Kadıköy and Gaziosmanpaşa districts. Municipal teams and firefighters took security measures in response to the overturned poles. 

Aegean region surrenders to the wind 

After the General Directorate of Meteorology warned the governors of the storm with an emergency code, the local teams in Aegean towns also intensified their measures. 

A 100-square-meter giant roof of a private school in the city center of Manisa Province fell in the middle of the street from the force of the storm.

The absence of passers-by at the time the roof fell prevented a major disaster. Road closed to traffic, according to reports.

Heavy rainfall paralyzed daily life in the popular Turkish resort town of Kuşadası in Aydın Province.

Some vehicles were stranded, and many trees were overthrown in the district due to puddles on the roads.

Ferries to islands and Greece canceled

The storm which continued throughout the day on Dec. 22 in the North Aegean Sea also affected daily life.

The ferry service to Gökçeada and Bozcaada was stopped due to the storm, while the Lapseki-Gelibolu ferry service was interrupted from time-to-time.

Huge waves from strong winds crashed against the shore in Ayvalık District in Balıkesir Province. 

Some small fishing boats were damaged on the coast of the Aliçetinkaya neighborhood. 

Some roof tiles from summer houses in Altınova, Küçükköy and Sarımsaklı neighborhoods were blown into the road.

Many of the fishing boats hunting in the Aegean Sea took refuge in Ayvalık quay.

In addition, some ferry services between Ayvalık and Lesbos Island of Greece were canceled due to the storm.

According to the weather data announced by the General Directorate of Meteorology, the air temperature throughout the country will continue to be above seasonal norms.

Rainfall is expected to be strong in the southern districts of Çanakkale and the coasts of Balıkesir, İzmir, Aydın and Muğla provinces for the week.