'Some people should warn us,' says Deputy Prime Minister Arınç

'Some people should warn us,' says Deputy Prime Minister Arınç

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Some people should warn us, says Deputy Prime Minister Arınç

Turkish Deputy PM Bülent Arınç had met last week with the representatives of the Taksim Solidarity Platform. AFP photo

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has urged self-questioning June 9 at a cultural event in Istanbul as protests over the demolition of Gezi Park entered their 13th day. "If we can remember our duties as servants of God, it would conduce bliss in the world and afterlife. We need this to understand the events. Some people should warn us, shake us off. What are we doing, how are we doing it? It is very important to give the account of what we do and what we can't do," Arınç said, adding that what is happening should bring them to their senses.

He also advised turning to readings and discussions to better evaluate one's own actions. "Someone should look in our face and say, 'You're wrong. That's the path shown by God.' We are far from it, because our minds are busy solving the problem of the moment.

"There are communities just a little way off that do not share the same feelings. They are trying to feel content in their way. They have slogans, things that they share through social media. There are things that make them happy in the lifestyle that they want to have," Arınç said, referring implicitly to the protesters gathered at Gezi Park.