Some 95 percent of OHAL applications concluded: Report

Some 95 percent of OHAL applications concluded: Report

Some 95 percent of OHAL applications concluded: Report

An annual report of Turkey’s State of Emergency (OHAL) Procedures Investigation Commission, which was established in 2017 to correct the alleged mistakes made under the state of emergency declared in the aftermath of the 2016 coup attempt, has been released.

The commission has decided on 120,703 out of 126,783 applications, accounting for 95 percent of the total, regarding those dismissed from their posts in the state and closed institutions and organizations with the decree-law, according to the report.

While more than 104,000 applications were rejected, 16,000 were accepted, and the review process of 6,080 of them continues. The commission also decided on a “preliminary examination” for 3,550 files.

In the 104,643 files, applications were rejected on the grounds that the applicant was a member of or affiliated or related with a terrorist organization or an entity or group that was deemed by the National Security Council to be operating against the national security of the state.

While “association membership, newspaper subscription or school enrollment to the organization” is not considered a reason for “rejection” on its own in the commission’s decisions, each case is handled separately and the decisions are given with reasons.

Sixty-one of the acceptance decisions were related to the opening of institutions, such as closed associations, foundations, student dormitories, television channels and newspapers, according to the report.

The applications of 1,594 individuals were accepted, regardless of the situation of their spouses who were “rejected” due to their alleged ties to a terrorist organization.

Turkish authorities have dismissed 125,678 people by government decrees from their duties since 2016.

A total of 131,922 precautionary sanctions were implemented, of which 3,213 officers were demoted from military ranks, 2,761 institutions and organizations were closed and 270 students were dismissed from international status.