SİYAD nominations announced

SİYAD nominations announced

SİYAD nominations announced

Neslihan Atagül, actress of ‘Araf,’ has won Best Actress award in Tokyo Fest. anese capital between Oct. 20 and 28.

The Cinema Writers Association (SİYAD) has announced the 45th Turkish Cinema Awards nominations. A total of 61 movies have received a nomination, including Yeşim Ustaoğlu’s feature “Araf” (Purgatory), which was nominated in all categories.

In addition to “Araf,” “Tepenin Ardı” (Beyond the Hills), “Yeraltı” (Underground), “Gözetleme Kulesi” (The Watchtower) and “Babamın Sesi” (My Father’s Voice) are among the top films that have received a nomination for the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Scenario awards.

“Beyond the Hills,” which won Best Picture at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, and Zeki Demirkubuz’s “Underground” have both been nominated in nine categories.

The films “This will be the last,” “Live,” “The Rest,” “Silent Night,” “Long Story” and “Zenne” are among other nominees that have drawn critical reception. SİYAD will hold the award ceremony on Jan. 21 at Istanbul’s Cemal Reşit Rey Concert saloon.

Neslihan Atagül, the young actress in “Araf,” won Best Actress at the 25th International Tokyo Film Festival, which was held in the Japanese capital between Oct. 20 and 28. Recently, Atagül was also awarded Best Actress of the Present and Future at Moscow’s 2morrow Film Festival for her role in the film.

About the movie

“Araf” is a story of two people caught between a despairing present and the promise of a free future. The movie follows Zehra and Olgun, two young souls trying to break away from a vicious cycle of dysfunctional families and small-town lethargy. Yet the escape they choose in order to change their destinies will lead to unforeseen consequences.