Six dead PKK militants found in house in Turkey’s southeast

Six dead PKK militants found in house in Turkey’s southeast

Six dead PKK militants found in house in Turkey’s southeast

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The bodies of six dead outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants were found in a house in the southeastern province of Şırnak on Sept. 28. The militants were found with their guns, Anadolu Agency reported.

Police in the province’s Cumhuriyet neighborhood noticed a strong odor coming from a house and conducted a search inside. The bodies were found in the basement of the house.

The police seized 12 Kalashnikov rifles, a machine gun, 14 hand grenades and a pair of binoculars, as well as documents related to the PKK, during the search. 

The bodies were taken to Şırnak State Hospital for autopsy while security forces continued their search in the area. 

A curfew has been in force in the area where the dead bodies of the militants were found. 

According to Doğan News Agency, the PKK militants had been killed in clashes with security forces. 

Meanwhile, a PKK militant, identified as Mazlum Ç., was arrested in Istanbul on Sept. 28. He had previously been detained after a notice was received by the anti-terror police regarding militants preparing an attack on soldiers. 

Separately, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) announced that Turkish warplanes conducted an operation against PKK targets in northern Iraq. The jets hit PKK positions in Hakurk and Gara, Anadolu Agency reported on Sept. 28.

Ten targets were destroyed in the operation carried out between 7:02 p.m. and 8:22 p.m. on Sept. 27, including shelters and depots.

The planes returned to their bases safely, the TSK statement added.  

Elsewhere, five PKK militants were killed in clashes between the outlawed group and security forces in the Savur district of southeastern Mardin province early on Sept. 28.

A soldier who was heavily wounded in the clashes was taken to Mardin State Hospital. 

Also on Sept. 28, security forces seized explosives and ammunition belonging to PKK militants in the Şemdinli district of the southeastern province of Hakkari.