Sierra’s husband tells children, ‘Mom’s dead'

Sierra’s husband tells children, ‘Mom’s dead'

NEW YORK - Hürriyet Daily News
Sierra’s husband tells children, ‘Mom’s dead

In this image from files provided by the family, Sarai Sierra is shown in an undated family photo, in New York. AP photo

Steven Sierra, the husband of murdered American tourist Sarai Sierra, has told his children that their mother was hurt in a trip to Turkey and died, according to a New York Daily News report.

Sierra spoke to reporters after arriving in New York, saying he was not reading the reports coming from Turkey anymore because they were too overwhelming.

“I had to be honest...unfortunately,” he told reporters. “I told them their mommy got hurt and she died.”

Sierra expressed gratitude for the international support his family had received: “How I’m doing personally, it’s a nightmare, but I have to say with the amount of love and support we’ve been receiving from family friends, strangers and even from the media, from you guys, there is a lot of sympathy out there that’s been very heartfelt. It is comforting, you know, to some degree and we appreciate that and I want to thank everybody and once again I do want to thank the authorities who have been working very hard and still currently are working very hard over in Turkey to solve this case. At this time, unfortunately, as far as how the investigation is going I really can’t say because they’re working right now to solve this case but there’s nothing new to say. As I mentioned before, when new information comes out I’d be willing to share that, when I get it myself.”

Regarding the more salacious reports in the Turkish media, Sierra said he was not reading them.
“I’m not reading anything at all, I’m not, it’s too overwhelming,” he said. “Thank you guys and God bless.”

Sarai Sierra’s funeral will be held on Feb.15 in New York.